Congratulations! Here's how to become one of our Recommended Agents...
Meet MARL, Canada's #1 Real Estate App That Brings Our Recommended Agents 2 - 4 Extra Deals Every Month
Welcome to our Recommended Agent Program.

Mobile App Real Estate Listings (MARL) is the #1 real estate app in Canada (ranked #1 for "Canada real estate" in the App Store and over 300,000 downloads per year).

On this page, you'll learn how you can become one of MARL's Recommended Agents and have the most motivated prospects in your area calling you directly when they want to book a viewing or buy a home.

Being a MARL Recommended Agent is the fastest way to cement yourself as an authority in your marketplace and create a surge of new leads and deals for your team.

We have a limit of 2 agents per postal code so we cannot guarantee this page will stay online for very long.

We encourage you to read this page now and decide whether or not to become a Recommended Agent today.
MARL is the Cutting-Edge Mobile App
How MARL Helps You Grow Your Business with a Surge of Hot Prospects and Deals
MARL allows Canadians to view real estate listings in different neighborhoods and connects them with Recommended Agents.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Users Download the App from the App Store

MARL is easy to find because rank in the top 1 or 2 spots for keywords like "Canada real estate" and "real estate listings".

Step 2: Users Search for Homes with the App

MARL provides buyers and sellers with the most accurate listing information available. Users can search for homes, condos, townhouses, lofts, and semis in their desired neighborhood.
Step 3: MARL Recommends an Agent

When a prospect is ready to buy a home, MARL offers users the ability to book a viewing with a recommended agent.
If you were listed as the recommended local real estate expert for every listing in Edmonton, what would that do for your real estate team?
Why MARL is the Most Downloaded and Highest Rated Real Estate App in Canada 
With over 20,000 downloads per month (300,000 per year) MARL has quickly become the #1 real estate app in Canada.

With more and more Canadians using their phones to search for real estate every day, becoming a Recommended Agent is an incredible growth opportunity for your real estate business.
4.4 out of 5 Rating with 5346 Reviews
Ranked #1 for "Canada real estate"
Ranked #1 for "Real estate listings"
Selected by Apple as #75 in Lifestyle Apps
Meet the Founder of MARL
After graduating from the University of Western Ontario with a BA in Economics, I built a successful real estate business with Keller Williams Realty in Toronto. After being the leader in condo sales (Top 1%) in 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010, I became interested in mobile apps and started working on MARL.

MARL marries my passions for real estate, cutting-edge technology, and healthy living. I am constantly active, with a penchant for surfing, weight training, and snowboarding. Adventurous and persistent, I have never let obstacles prevent me from working toward and achieving my goals.

I look forward to helping you grow your real estate business with our innovative mobile app. If you want to find me on LinkedIn, just click the LinkedIn logo below and let's connect!
Here's How to Become a MARL Recommended Agent and Grow Your Business Today
The cost of the service is $50/month per postal code. Normally, we only offer this service in a 12 month contract. 

That's $600/year per postal code.

Compared to traditional advertising can run you hundreds of dollars per month and is far less targeted, $50 is a steal.

But since we're new to Calgary, we have a special offer.

Today, you can become a Recommended Agent in Calgary for just $35/month on a month to month contract or $30/month on a 6 month contract ($180 total).
$50 per month for 12 Months ($600)
Just $30 per month for only 6 months

That's a 40% discount and a total savings of $240.

We have a limit of 2 spaces available per postal code so we cannot guarantee this offer will be available for very long.

We also have an Exclusive Agent option. This allows you to lock down a postal code so you're the only agent displayed there.

Click the button below and you'll be taken to a page where you can select your desired postal codes and complete your order.
Option 1
Recommended Agent
35 per month
Billed monthly. 
Cancellation requires 30 day notice.
    Option 2
    Recommended Agent 
    (1 of 2 PER POSTAL CODE)
    30 per month
    $180 billed every 6 months. 
    Cancel after 6 months.
      Option 3
      (only one per postal code)
      50 per month
      $300 billed every 6 months. 
      Cancel after 6 months.
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